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Monitoring Solutions

Chief Express is using ORBCOMM’s driver-friendly in-cab solution to gain complete visibility, monitoring and management of their drivers and trucks. ORBCOMM’s in-cab solution delivers GPS fleet tracking and connects to the truck’s CANbus to seamlessly collect important data from the engine, brake systems, fuel tanks and more, providing access to deep analytics and reporting via FleetManager, ORBCOMM’s newest web platform. By automating hours of service calculations, ORBCOMM enables Chief Express to comply with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS). ORBCOMM’s in-cab solution also helps Chief Express improve driver safety by providing live, on-board driver performance scoring and correcting unsafe driving behaviors that lead to accidents, fines and higher insurance. ORBCOMM’s platform enables Chief Express to decrease operating and maintenance costs and improve productivity through real-time asset management, reduced risk of fuel loss and preventive maintenance as well.

To manage its dry van fleet, Chief Express is using ORBCOMM’s ruggedized trailer monitoring solution along with FleetManager to access live and scheduled status updates whether their trailers are in transit or in the yard. ORBCOMM’s solution also provides Chief Express with the unique ability to see precise data on distance travelled by each trailer so they can accurately schedule trailer servicing and inspections based on odometer readings or time elapsed for maximum asset utilization.

In addition, Chief Express is using an integration that links ORBCOMM’s FleetManager data from its truck and trailer assets to its McLeod Software dispatch and enterprise management solution for a centralized view, further enhancing workflow productivity, communications and customer service.